The real brave Airwheel M3 intelligent motorized skateboard plays fearlessly.

06 Jan

06, January 2016: The new released electric skateboard M3 enters into the mainstream. With the outstanding performance, M3 conquers peoples’ heart. An ordinary day with the electric skateboard becomes a cheerful and special day. Away from boring moments, Airwheel M3wireless remote control skateboard carries you to explore fearless.


The specification of 198mm×790mm×369mm makes M3 easy to carry and store. Although it is small, M3 has many merits. The first thing is the speed. The Maximum speed can be about 20km/h. Besides, riders can ride it to climb the angel of about 15° and riders weighing less than 60kg can get up to 18°. The Canadian maple pedal used in intelligent M3 maple electric skateboard looks natural and unusual which can provide stable performance and won’t deform at any time. The optional and customized DIY pattern also gives full play to your creation and imagination.

Benefiting from the cooperation with world-famous brandCheng Shin Tire, M3 complete skateboard adopts the customized tires with such features as skid proof, strong grip effect, wide tire design. So itcan be suitable for the different road conditions. Even if meeting with rains or snows, M3wireless remote control skateboard can move forward smoothly and safely.


If riders want to get a good knowledge of the traveling, APP in mobile phone can be used for real-time position, i.e., locating the scooter and view the record of riders’ itinerary. Riders could see the current speed, range and easily lock the scooter, or click the side bar to get more information about battery, speed, mileage and voltage etc. Concise design of interface brings a better customer experience.

The most important safeguard inside M3 electric self-balancing scooter is the design of double circuits and double main control chips. With the dual cores drive and protection system, even if a single module system goes wrong, the whole system can operate normally and efficiently since they are working independently. Here we can say Airwheel M3 is a real brave and plays fearlessly.

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