Airwheel Self-Balancing 2 wheels scooters Z3, My First Electric Scooter

08 Feb

08, February 2016: Recently, riding electric scooter becomes very popular and many of my friends go to work or short trip by electric scooter. They told me it is not only interesting, but also convenience and time saving by riding electric scooter. Among many difference brands, my friends strongly recommend me Airwheel as it is one of the best electric scooter companies in the world. After considering the price, performance and riding experience, I decide to choose Airwheel electric scooter Z3. And the fact shows me that I make a good choice.


At first, I was confused and dazzled to find out that there are so many different kinds of electric scooter in the market. But Airwheel electric motor Z3 quickly attracted my attention as it enjoys a good reputation among riders. When I stood on it and had a try, I came to realized why it was praised by people. The riding experience of Z3 is so comfortable, and even a new beginner like me can ride it easily. The secret is its design of pedal.

Different from traditional scooters, the pedal of Z3 adopts the left and right separation design, which assures that riders keep the posture of standing with their foot in the forward direction. When riding in Z3, I never feel ache on my waist like riding other scooters. What’s more, the control bar is adjustable. I can adjust the height of the bar according to my stature. Therefore, I can find the most comfortable and suitable riding posture for myself.


Aside from the riding experience, Airwheel electric scooter Z3 also performs well in range, battery quality and safety. For students, the affordable price of Z3 is also an attractive point. All in all, I am happy to have a good new travel partner, Airwheel electric scooter Z3.

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