Airwheel Z3 intelligent air board lays more emphasize on the users

06 Jan

06, January 2016: As a matter of fact, Z3intelligent electric scooter is not the top-ranked scooter with the endurance of 20km compared to those ones that can reach up 30km of other companies. But after carefully checking the design and configuration, riders will feel extremely excited. Whether it is the dimension “974mm×752mm×371mm” or the weight “11.6kg”, Z3 good quality air board is portable. In terms of its appearance, Z3 is designed with the white color as well as the orange and LOGO. The grey handrails have special pattern design. The fenders installed at the front and back wheels can shelter from the mud or other subjects.


Apart from the exterior appearance, Z32 wheel electric scooter has lots of merits. First of all, its battery can be changed. When the battery on the scooter runs out, riders can replace it to a battery with full power at any time. The whole process only takes riders few seconds. Secondly, the pedals of Z3 electric scooter can be folded so that riders can drive it with anterior standing posture. The height of operating rod can also be adjusted to allow the riders with different stature. Although it is the tiny design, we can see Airwheel truly pays more attention on the comfortable riding.

Next is its smartness. Z3 electric self-balancing scooter uses mobile phone which exists in everyone’s daily life to show its riding condition. The inside wireless Bluetooth can connect Z3 by the special riding APP. Riders can see the speed, miles and power usage and also can use it to do simple malfunction and daily maintain.


One more advantage is that Z32 wheel electric scooter suits for all the people, especially the office workers or the designated drivers. Now here is the conclusion: Airwheel Z3 is definitely a electric scooter with superior using and riding experience.

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