No longer have to worry about power shortage by riding Airwheel Z3

06 Jan

06, January 2016: During the travel, most people maybe are trapped in the trouble that the power of transport tool is lower or runs out and they have to stop. But if it is changed to one Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter Z3, you will be the lucky dog. Totally three seconds can help riders solve this problem. The first step is to unload the low power battery. Secondly take out the backup battery with full power. And at last mount the battery with full power. One set of battery’s maximum endurance of Z3 is 20km. Well if you have more back-up batteries, the endurance will be times of 20km.


Now we call Z3 magic and cool not only because of its strong endurance but also because of its multi-folded system. golden technologies Z3 2 wheels scooter adopts the foldable design for pedals. Do not look down upon the design of folded pedals. It is the folded pedals that allow riders to have enough space to anterior stand. Moreover, the pedals won't hinder Z3’s portable index. Besides, the operating rod can also be folded which can be suitable for most people. After folding, Z3 electric motor becomes very small with the volume of 85cm×20cm×30cm and the weight of 11.6kg. Even though it is small, from its strict selection of material and procedure, Z3 can load up to 100kg.


Another excellent performance about Z3 electric motor is the up-mounted battery. When meeting bad weather, riders can also drive it on the roads. In order to avoid the water into battery and protect the scooter from any damage, Z3 battery is up-mounted. Therefore, this kind of design effectively prevents Z3 from water flowing into it and also completely eradicate the damage to the battery resulting from the scrapes happened on the rugged roads. So here is the magic Airwheel Z3. Having one, you no longer have to worry about the situation of power running out.

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