starts Nationwide GPS Tracking Verified Door Hanger Distribution

12 Jan

After ensuring professional delivery by responsible personnel, now offers its clients with a GPS tracking verification service to locate and confirm the delivery of their advertising messages.

The United States of America (5th January, 2016): Traditional distribution companies are often touted as unprofessional or are called unreliable in delivering advertising messages and tools like door-hangers, postcards and flyers. Most of the mistrust arises because of the lack of verification. To build a healthy trust with its clients and to prove its efficiency, is now offering GPS tracking of its delivery personnel with live online monitoring while they deliver the door hangers, door-to-door. shall provide a website to its clients where they can watch deliveries being made in ‘Real Time’ on the GPS tracking verification system. The company is offering this nationwide service at a reasonable and market competitive rate of $90 for every 1000 door hangers delivered (conditions apply). deals in placing door hangers, flyers, post cards, tri-fold brochures and other print advertisements. They cover residential and business locations which are within a one to three mile radius of the client’s business or home. The company’s services are used by Fortune 500 companies and their satisfaction is obvious with the results they’ve received. Its services include —

-    Door-to-door Distribution
-    Business to business Distribution
-    Street team Distribution

Through the GPS tracking verification service, clients can now verify and confirm the delivery of their door hangers (marketing tools) and pay the company with full trust. This feature is not offered by 99% of door hanger and flyer delivery services. Having served in this field in the US for over eight years now, is licensed and has a commendable track record. Its parent company was also featured on CNN. To know more, and get quotes about their services, one can visit

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All Delivered is a Premier Distribution Service that was created to fill a need in the Advertisement Delivery industry. Its sister company, The OAS, has provided unique outdoor advertising solutions to businesses across the country for the past eight years, now.
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