Silky Skin Forever says “Go Natural” with All-in-One Cosmetic Powder

12 Jan

With eight cosmetics in one and with more under the same kit, “Go Natural” is Silky Skin Forever’s latest product and is also the perfect make-up tool for travellers.

The United States of America (10th January, 2016) — Packing for a tour is a headache and fitting numerous make-up and cosmetic products in the same bag is frustrating. This involves having to purchase the individual products first. Silky Skin Forever, an online retailer dealing in natural skin products, has brought the perfect solution to a common problem faced by numerous women. With its latest product — “Go Natural”, it brings an all-in-one cosmetic powder, which saves the pain of purchasing eight different products.

Go Natural is a cosmetic powder which can serve the cause of foundation, brush, eye shadow, concealer, highlight, contour, brow and lip-color, all at the same time. Its exclusive all-in-one formula makes it a self-adjusting one shade for all occasions’ powder. Go Natural is suited for all skin tones, types and can be used by people of all ages. Designed especially for women who are always on-the-go, this cosmetic powder just needs to be brushed carefully over the cheek bone, eye lid area and on both sides of the face to bring a natural, young and radiant look.

Silky Skin Forever has ensured that Go Natural is a professional quality cosmetic powder and has been tested by licensed beauty professionals worldwide. In every kit (available at for just $72.99), there is a fourteen gram quantity of the Go Natural powder, a lip applicator; apart from a Delux Brush and a Cosmetic Pouch, which are being offered for free, with the kit. Go Natural, which was also sold on QVC, is a unique product and is made of high quality ingredients. To know more about the Go Natural All-in-one cosmetic powder, visit

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Silky Skin Forever is an online retailer providing competitive prices on natural skin care products.  They aim to provide a memorable experience for those who shop on their online store by offering quality products with top rated customer service. They use high quality, natural plant oils that are formulated to benefit one’s skin. The online retailer is based in San Jose, California, USA. They distribute worldwide via USPS First Class Mail. Silky Skin Forever has been operating for over 5 years and has managed to build up a reputable establishment online. They have a great team and aim to grow their business more and more, offering their customers the best natural skin care products available.
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