Amber Associates, Berkshire Hathaway posts its best quarter this year.

More signs that the economy is recovering, Berkshire Hathaway posted its best quarter in over two years. The company that is owned by investor tycoon Warren Buffet saw its value increase as the stock market enjoys its bullish return.

Sources told Amber Associates that operating earnings in the second quarter are still low but they were happy that they could post a profit. Most of Berkshires losses have occurred from their economically sensitive sectors, never the less the signs are encouraging for the future.

The companies that Berkshire operates have taken hits just like everyone else in the economy, but Buffet sees this as a natural bypass of a downturn in the economy. Insiders told Amber Associates that the operating companies are looking long-term and are positioned to get through this downturn without compromising their long-term profitability.

Berkshire operates over 80 units, which provide, ice cream, apparel, energy, insurance, home improvements and more. Their broad range of investments reflect the whole of the economy and can be seen as a good indication as to how well the global economy is doing.

Much of the results came from derivatives; they had gains from the 4 main indexes of over $1.5 billion this quarter. Berkshire told Amber Associates that they expect earnings to still be volatile in the current climate.

Berkshire Hathaway is the largest shareholder of American Express, whose share price increased a whopping 70 percent this quarter. Berkshire also invested over $30 Billion in June in a various equities. This demonstrates to Amber Associates that the markets are now beginning to move again, we expect some strong activity in the markets now, with Berkshire leading the way, as it normally does.

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