The brand Amovy Porcelain derives from the ancient orient and it has already become a well-known brand. Its products are highly praised by many successful persons and celebrities.

Amovy originated in an influential family specializing in ceramics in Jingdezhen of China, and it has a history of more than 1,300 years in hand-made porcelain. In the year 1004, the emperor gave orders to appoint Jingdezhen to make porcelain for the royalty and the imperial court. This didn’tcome to a halt until 1919, when the last emperor in China was overthrown. During the 900 years, all the porcelain made in this family was used by the royalty.

Amovy has inherited the best Chinese Jingdezhen ceramic workmanship & art, and all the porcelain makers were brought up by their parents in porcelain workshops of their own clan, which means that they’ve been nurtured with the ceramic art since childhood. Nobody elsewhere can rival them in the understanding of Chinese ceramic art as well as the grasp of the Chinese top ceramic workmanship.

Amovy porcelain is of high quality and artistry and it’s simple but exquisite. In particular, Amovy has made a perfect fusion of several Chinese artistic elements: calligraphy, painting, poetry, sculpture and so on. Colorful painting, magnificent glaze, exquisite thin china, wonderful sculpture and the like are all definitely the treasure of Chinese culture & art. Amovy porcelain has four distinguishing features: white as jade, bright as mirror, thin as paper, and it sounds like percussion when struck. From the 18th century on, Amovy porcelain has added in the design with features of European classicalism and compromised the ancient oriental artistic style and the European artistic style. Up till now, these traditional connotations could still be found in many of the exquisite Amovy ceramic products.

In 2008, the familial meeting determined that they would initiate an international online store ( to provide upmarket ceramic products to the world. We are providing these products:
.Fine Bone china Coffee Sets
.Fine Bone china Tableware Sets
.Fine Bone china Tea Set
.Wine Set
.Fine Bath Products(Bathroom Sets, Wash-Basin)
.Ceramic Home Decor(Ceramic Bedside Lamps, Ashtray, Art Decoration, Vase, Ceramic Murals & Hanging plate)
.and so on...

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