The Panama hat is one which everyone wants to keep it in their collection. These days, accessorizing has the integral part of life. And one cool way to make a fashion statement is by wearing a hat. The hat provides excellent comfort levels from the sun. The straw is harvested in the Eastern and Western slopes of the Andes.
Wearing a hat conveys different meanings. It can be the part of your uniform or a fashion statement but wearing it well is important. Hats have been in the market for many years now. Designed to protect the head from sun and religious purposes, hats have now become an accessory but it was considered as a social symbol during earlier centuries. Hats today can now be worn practically by everyone to suit their needs and style. Do you want to make a fashion statement by wearing hat? Panama hat is the excellent one in the market serving its purpose. These hats have become the symbol of elegance as every Hollywood star, celebrities, singers and leader used to wear it.
Panama hat is made up from quality straws. But you cannot rely upon the quality of the straw. The real man is the weaver and his work makes it a quality one. Look for tightly woven consistency in the straw - the fewer the gaps, holes and bumps, the better would be the look. Look for evenness in the weave and rows should be straight and resemble.
Panama hats are very costly, with prices for the best Super Fine quality commonly exceeds thousands of dollars. A genuine Panama hat starts with hand-split Tequila straw, and the super-fine hats have the straws are sliced as fine as sewing thread. All original Panama Hats are bleached with sulphur fumes making them a light ivory color.
There are so many styles of hats available and it can be difficult for one to choose. When you're trying hats on, remember to keep the shape of your face in mind. If your face is long, a tall hat will only highlight that fact. A round face, however, is complemented by a hat that boasts some height.
While choosing any panama hat you should consider your outfit. You have to use your common sense as you wouldn't wear a straw garden hat with a wool suit or choose a cowboy hat to top off your little black dress.
Apart from this, lots of things are to be considered as the size of the hat, angles of the hats etc. These things enhances one look and make him look cool.

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