An encounter with Airwheel S6 mini electric walkcar

19 Jan

19, January 2016: A good product must mean it is practical or brings convenience for its users. In other words, only if the customers say they indeed benefit from the products, it can be regarded as a good product. An couple of lovers encountered with S6 mini self-balancing scooter at the beginning of 2016 and gave the thumb up to this scooter.


In the past year, when they planned to go to the supermarket or the cinemas, they had to take public transport tool, and they need to walk to the bus station or subway station firstly, sometimes wait a long time even if the supermarket or cinemas were not too far. Fortunately on the occasion of the New Year, they know the electric scooters can be the vehicle in replacing walking on foot. They think twice and only value the electric self-balancing scooter of Airwheel, S6. So now they have two.

The mini self-balancing scooter, only weighs 14kg but can load the maximum 100kg, brings this couple convenience. The first riding always makes people impressing. The man adjusts the operating arm higher since he’s tall while the woman lower because she is relatively short. They also find S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter has two riding postures to choose. They say it is not difficult for them to balance themselves after they drive it because of the three and four gyroscopes.

They say they can ride steadily and safely, one of the important part depends on the pedals that is made of natural rubber and featured with concave-canvex texture. Besides, they also try to use the remote control key of the intelligent electric scooter to fulfill the functions of “Turn On/Off”, change of directions or the acceleration-deceleration.


After have the two electric scooters, this couple say with smile that they ride hand in hand to go shopping, watch movies or stroll in parks, never worrying about the traffic jam or the long distance walking on foot. They feel very lucky to encounter with their lovely electric scooters of Airwheel.

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