Customers receive surprises from the intelligent 2-wheeled electric scooter Airwheel Z3

19 Jan

19, January 2016: Unconsciously, we are all in a new year. When we recall the past, lots of new and fashionable scooters can be called as classical. But the most impressive one that leave deep impression must be the intelligent electric scooter Z3.

In customers’ eyes, Airwheel Z3 2 wheels scooter is endowed with many innovations. The comfortableness is reflected in its riding posture. The long-term riding with enough power supply lies in the interchangeable DIY batteries. The portability is shown through its multi-folded system. The humanization is drawn from the adjustable operating arm. Customers speak highly of the high-quality Cheng Shin tires, the body made of aviation aluminum and the top-placed battery design.


Depart from convention, Airwheel Z3 electric scooter pedals are designed to be folded instead of the awkward standing posture that the feet cannot be in parallel. Conforming to the principle of ergonomics, users can have anterior standing posture so they response very comfortable. Once riding on the unfolded pedals of Z3, users feel more comfortable during their gliding. At the same time, the operation arm can also be adjustable according to the different statures.

“Actually the battery that adopts the imported SONY lithium core is of great importance for Z3 2 wheeled electric scooter’s endurance.” one customer stated. Firstly the battery capacity is 162.8WH and the average maximum endurance can reach up to 20 kilometers. Secondly, it takes only few seconds to change a new set of battery with full power. Thirdly the battery of Z3 is up-equipped so that it won’t be damaged due to the water flow when it rains.


Customers also pay more attention to the portability. The unique design of multi-folded system for Z3 electric motor, from the operating arm to the pedals, and even the connection bearing between the front wheel and the pedals can be folded, makes Z3 more portable and easier to carry. Plus users can easily hold it since it is only 11.8kg. It’s time for you to witness the surprise moment brought from Airwheel Z3.

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