An Intelligent Blueprint for Intelligent Electric Bikes Manufacturer Airwheel

19 Aug

19, August 2016: In the transportation industry, intelligence, connection and electrification have evolved to be a clear trend. Airwheel, a leading producer of intelligent and eco vehicles, is planning its blueprint to gain an upper hand in the competitive industry.

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Thanks to disruptive technologies, the transportation vehicle industry is developing rapidly. There is a consensus by vehicle producers that they should transform themselves into smart mobility solution provider, as the whole world is accelerating towards an intelligent future. Airwheel is a devoted pioneer in the intelligent and eco vehicle industry. Whether the previous intelligent self-balancing scooters or the late backpack electric bike, they mark the unremitting efforts of the company.


Airwheel’s intelligence of vehicle development is partly represented by its data computing and vehicle-to-phone communication. Airwheel intelligent scooters employ intelligent chips, which can be connected to the smart phones. The chip is like the brains to the vehicle, which translates rider’s body movement into commands and make corresponding reaction. All the recent products, like foldable e bike or standing up electric scooter can be connected to the phone. The wireless connection enables the vehicle transmit data to the phone. The app provides services like fault self-diagnosis and positioning. Even when eyes can’t detect any fault, the app can precisely tell the status of the vehicle. Riders can react to the breakdowns and emergent safety threats in time. The recent E3 and E6 employs intelligent EBS braking system and offers optimized power scheme. Each response is a result of accurate calculation.


All Airwheel intelligent vehicles are electrified. This is a precise judgment of the eco-trends. The chances for Airwheel may lie in its leading role as a green and intelligent transportation device manufacturer, to boost its international competitiveness. As a responsible company, all the materials are of high quality. The most important part of an electric vehicle is the battery. Airwheel employs the branded Li-ion battery. The innovative modular battery design of its recently released folding e bikes makes it possible to charge other devices with the battery. The technological innovation will intrigue the customers.

The new-energy vehicles has become the mainstream in the transportation field. Airwheel is determined to be a leader rather than a follower.

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