A Taste of the Future Trend, Airwheel Technologies Electric Bikes E3

19 Aug

19, August 2016: Airwheel intelligent scooters are redefining the global riding habits. This summer, a backpack electric bike E3 produced by Airwheel is available in many countries. The vehicle is expected to fuel the eco-commuting market.

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The traditional automobile industry are subject to big swings, as more intelligent eco-commuting vehicles are cutting a striking figure worldwide. Airwheel, a branded intelligent scooter producer, has launched a new type of backpack e bike E3, which will give customers a taste of the future trend.


Airwheel E3 appears like a connection of four round circles. The main frame is painted white while the two tires are black. The sharp contrast of colors gives visual impact. The special shape of E3 seems very alien and fancy. In fact, the novel contour is to way to maximize the folding capacity. It has a multiple folding system. The vehicle, when fully folded, occupies only the size of 474×399×374mm, as small as a backpack. The vehicle weighs 12.5kg in total. When it is folded and put into a backpack, people can lift it and store in any small space, like in car trunks and under office desk. The combination of public transportation and the smart electric folding bike leads to the unimpeded travelling experience.


Airwheel E3 employs aluminum alloy materials, which has reduced the weight as well as strengthened toughness. The car-level Li-ion battery provides continuous feed of power. The battery weighs only 1.4 kg. Integrated with a USB port, the battery can also charge any other electric devices. In the future, even when riders are on the way, they can avoid the trouble of phones running out of power. Airwheel backpack electric bicycle E3 is such a versatile product to meet all the needs. As an intelligent vehicle for future, riders can download an app to the phone, which can display the condition of the vehicle.

Just as pocket PCs are raiding the market and has replaced the clumsy desktop computers, Airwheel foldable backpack electric bike E3 is banging the electromobile market. The future trend of electric devices is to get smaller and more portable. Airwheel E3, with cool appearance, mini stature and portable features will redefine the global riding habits.

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