You may sleep about 1/3 of your day in your bed (if you are lucky), but it helps to define you. The key though is to just keep it simple and put all your efforts into your fantasy room. You will definitely feel complete every time you or someone else walks into the bedroom with you. Don't ever settle to be tired of a boring bedroom. You can do something about it and it doesn't take a lot of effort!

New bed linens are not expensive, but they create a completely new feel in your bedroom. These can look like luxury bed linen that is true high quality but at a reasonable price. As long as your general theme isn't shocking, you can use your bed linen to create any type of mood or feeling you want. With the addition of nice light fixture, a outstanding duvet cover will help to create a new atmosphere. Just a little ingenuity can go a long way in achieving the desired look you are desperately wanting.

Don't forget about the emphasis of your lighting in the room. Whether it be a decorative chandelier or an antique table lamp or neutral light source can make a big difference. Also you may want to look at what watt bulb you are using for lighting. Increasing or decreasing it can help to create that desired mood or to help to attract or take away attention from a certain area of the room. This can also help to eliminate the need for a dimmer switch, but than that is yet another alternative.

Whatever new bed linen sheets or sets you buy, it is important to keep them looking in great condition because you will quickly get tired of the worn out look. That will snowball the effect to ultimately ruin your mood when you are wanting to relax in your bedroom. Remember you are wanting to keep it warm and relaxing to you and your loved ones. Make sure to follow the instructions on the labels of how to wash them properly. That will help them to last longer and protect them from being worn out too early. Pillowcases may need to be changed or at least washed more frequently then other parts of the bed set. Your duvet or comforter most likely need to be cleaned monthly. Keep in mind the size of the duvet/comforter as your washing machine may not be big enough to properly wash it. If you really have a favorite sheet set, it would be better to buy a second one that quickly wear out your only one before its time. Best to change the bed sheets like clockwork so they remain evenly worn. Just takes a little proper care on your part and it will reward you with a comfortable night's sleep, night after night for a long time to come. And of course you deserve it for all that you do every day and time you spent to create the right mood in the room.

Some wall borders, drapes, and a valance can all add to your theme as well. If you're really ambitious, you can always change the color of your walls by repainting them yourself or to have someone do it for you. Still fairly inexpensive, but can create a different mood of the room that can feel like a new you. Don't forget this makeover can be done to your child's room. Maybe they have outgrown the old theme or you're just getting tired of that look. There are so many different themes that can work and if you use some neutral colors for the general color scheme, the bed linen can completely change the complexion of the room in of itself. It can also blend in with it surrounding to create the mood you are so desperately seeking.

After completion of your bedroom makeover for minimal cost, you will be quite proud of what you have done to make it more inviting. You'll want to show it off to others and of course spending more time in there yourself. You'll sometimes go in there to just admire your hard work, but realize it was well worth it. You can do it and do it well. All without spending a fortune to completely redo the room.

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