(Submit Articles) In 1983, Nike was in a magazine, a message board: funded $ 2,500,000 to purchase an NBA rookie right shoes 5 years. Jordan's agent, Falk seize this opportunity, and negotiate successfully.

Nike's vice president and Falck when chatting in the office for the new shoes came up with "flying trapeze" name. This lovely new name reflects not only the production process and style of shoes, and highlights the unique characteristics of Jordan, and product advertisements also called "Who says he is not flying." From that point on, "Air" officially born. Jordan is indeed worthy of the "night" in the world, a coach recalls: Once Jordan go past a row after the other five players inside the ball into the basket, the other five players are world class, but they intercept does not seem to exist, such as unhindered Jordan, he will one of the most difficult goals become easier. One expert described: "Jordan, like human beings know how to fly, when he and others in the air the ball, we often see others have been falls to the ground, and he was able to use the moment to stay in the air and more effort, inserted into the basket the ball calmly.

"special custom every sports star seems to have their own unique habits, they think that will bring us good luck. Indeed, the strength in the game is important, but sometimes need some luck. Jordan is always in the race day diet steak, potatoes or fried potatoes, which is almost an immutable law. And Jordan never would not eat a lot, as always like a bird pecking. Because he believed that the birds are eating degrees, enough to support it as long as the flight enough. One thing Jordan has never been changed before, it is a blue shorts, Jordan to wear it every game. Since leaving North Carolina University, he wore every day piece of blue shorts.

Wear it regardless of race or because of daily life, Jordan always felt confident. Just before the whistle in the game, Jordan often can not concentrate, he sauntered in the locker room bored, joking, to while away the time, and then nothing. In addition, he had a superstition that the last fight ankle bandages. Entered the stadium, the first thing is to use Jordan's eyes search for a wife or family, because they must be found to sit where he can concentrate on playing.

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