Take a wedding for example. It is usual to have ones own invitation printed along the rather typical lines stating that
Mr and Mrs ABC
Request the pleasure of DEF and Partner/wife/husband
At the wedding of their daughter GHI
The son of Mr & Mrs OPQ
On ? day of ??? 20??
At ???AM/PM

Afterwards at XYZ Country Club/Hotel/Wedding Venue

This is very traditional and time honored and there are a multitude of small printing shops that have templates for just this sort of thing. They are usually printed on special card possibly with gold edging and lettering. Enclosed may well be a reply card printed with the name of the guest and number of guests and a stamped addressed envelope.

Well ARTIK has an on line website enabling you to design your own Wedding Invitation either starting from scratch (A blank sheet of paper) or using one of their standard templates. In addition they offer you a whole set of different qualities of finish as your personal preferences and budget determine. So instead of using the traditional way you might wish to say something quite different like Hey Bozo Jimboy and I have decided to get hitched (at last!) and we will be thrilled to bits if you and Lucy would come and celebrate with us at Aquarius Wedding Lodge at 5pm on Saturday 31 March where there will be a rip roaring party afterwards.


We are getting married on the beach at Key Largo and you are all invited for a fun weekend… And so on. You don’t have to be traditional it is entirely up to you.

Of course it is not only wedding Invitations that are on offer but just about any other invitation or greeting card that you could think of. A party, an anniversary, or even greeting cards, Christmas cards or announcements. (Like “We are delighted to announce the arrival of Sarah Jane, Born Wednesday March 20 and here is a photo of her. His of course is possible because nowadays, with electronic printing and proofreading typesetting is no longer required for short runs. You can create any card you like, even postage stamps and set whatever picture or photo you wish, check it out on line and once you are satisfied press a transmit button and it will be sent straight to a printing queue along with the instructions for the number of imprints, the quality of the card, the finishes desired, the number of folds required and so on.

Obviously it is not worth anybody’s trouble for a short run of 10 pieces but short runs of up to 250 imprints are quick and easy. And the pricing will reflect this. The more printed the cheaper each will cost.

So if you are about to print any personalized Invitations to a wedding or an event, or wish to send out personalized greeting cards ARTIK will serve you well.

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