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13 Sep

13, September 2016: Get Into Martial Arts is a UK site dedicated to helping children find martial arts courses near them. The website helps link together budding young martial artists with thousands of local lessons all over the country.

Now that the start of a new school year is approaching Get Into Martial Arts is expecting a high volume of traffic. Parents are looking for new activities for their children to participate in before the autumn term begins.

Why Study Martial Arts?

According to Get Into Martial Arts, there are many reasons why children should train in martial arts. In today’s modern world, fast-food and sedentary lifestyles have led to many children becoming obese. Martial arts, however, is a potential antidote to the problem. It is a great way for children to be more physically active. And it requires that children move in ways that tax their entire body and build strength.

Get Into Martial Arts also points out that joining a martial arts group or club is ideal for developing interpersonal skills. Martial arts encourages children to be both confident and tolerant of others. And it requires that they learn to work and train together in a team.

Different Types Of Training Available

Get Into Martial Arts helps to connect potential martial arts students to many different types of martial arts classes. One of the most popular is self-defence. Self-defence classes are designed to help people build the defence skills they might need in real world scenarios. The focus in these classes is not so much on strength and conditioning, but how to deal with threats in the heat of the moment.

Get Into Martial Arts can also connect children to traditional martial art classes. These include Aikido, JuJitsu, Choi Kwang Do, Karate, and Kendo. Formal martial arts, like JuJitsu involve a lot of floor work. Children will learn how to do joint locks, grappling, and bare hand striking. JuJitsu, like other martial arts, is governed by the International JuJitsu Federation.

In all, Get Into Martial Arts connects children to more than 36 separate disciplines, ranging from boxing to sword styles. The site contains detailed information about all of the different disciplines, including a helpful “how to” section on how to get started.

Get Into Martial Arts also has sections on the history of different martial traditions. This is helpful for parents who want to understand more about why certain martial arts became so popular.

Common Questions And Answers

Get Into Martial Arts has a dedicated frequently asked questions page for parents who want to know more. Here you can get information on what your child should wear to their first session and what to do after making a booking. There’s also guidance on what to do if you can’t find a school near you and how insurance arrangements work.

About Get Into Martial Arts:

Get Into Martial Arts was started by the National Education System for Training in 2000. Since then, it has developed a large customer base of different martial arts schools across the UK. Now it’s focus is to become the go-to place for parents, children and adults looking to start their martial arts journey.

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