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LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, September 13, 2016 — In financial advisor Kevin Bard’s bestseller, The Retirement Umbrella: Protect Your Standard of Living and Enjoy Peace of Mind in Retirement, he explains that many people reach retirement only to encounter unexpected dangers, including increases in taxes, skyrocketing costs of living, and plummeting savings accounts. These nasty surprises are what he calls “retirement alligators.”

Some people end up having to decrease their standard of living—or worse, return to work. When it starts raining alligators, you need a Retirement Umbrella to protect your wealth. It’s never too late to create a solid plan to preserve a person’s standard of living. It’s never too late to construct one’s own Retirement Umbrella.

Bard’s innovative Retirement Umbrella strategy shields his clients from rising taxes and other “alligators” that eat away their income. By employing straightforward and practical strategies, Kevin Bard helps his clients preserve their wealth and increase their family legacy—all while maintaining their desired standard of living.

With Kevin Bard’s unique educational process, his clients are better informed about the numerous income, investment and insurance choices available today. This has allowed his clients to make better choices regarding their individual retirement needs, therefore avoiding the unforeseen financial minefields that can devastate most people’s plans. Kevin has worked extensively with qualified elder law attorneys and CPAs to make sure his clients get the most knowledgeable and up-to-date advice available.

Kevin Bard is a respected financial consultant, an educator and author, and the founder of Creative Asset Solutions, LLC. Kevin serves clients from his offices in Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio, while residing with his family in the beautiful Kentucky countryside.

Kevin Bard is available for interviews.

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