Barbados Polo Tournament Could Interest Travellers

19 Mar

With its initial match slated for of March, the First Citizens Barbados Polo Open could interest customers of Essential Hotel Collection staying at that Caribbean island this spring. 

In what will be its 12th consecutive edition, this competition sees defending champions Range Rover square off against six other teams for one of the most coveted trophies in the local polo season. The seven collectives will face each other across two leagues, with each team playing two groups before moving on to the next round. League 1 of this year’s competition will see Rubis, Bulova, Hyundai, and 2013 champions Range Rover square off, while on League 2 Silver Point/Chester Polo, ICBL and Silver Point will be vying for supremacy in the 8-Goal Tournament. 

Perhaps the biggest highlight of this year’s tournament, however, is the presence of several international players among the rosters of the several sides that will make up each of the two leagues. These names, some of which are well-renowned in the international polo scene, are likely to be the competition’s biggest draw for foreign visitors, and the main reason customers of Essential Hotel Collection and other Caribbean hotel booking services may be interested in attending. Among the names set to reinforce the local sides this year are Oliver Taylor and Christian Chaves, both Barbados regulars who will join forces with the locals and a number of other players from countries such as New Zealand, Argentina and the United Kingdom. 

Sponsoring this competition for the third year running will be First Citizens Investment Services, the spokespeople for which declared themselves very pleased to once again be associated with polo, and to be able to help divulge this sport within the island. 

First Capital Barbados Polo Open matches begin at Apes Hill, and continue on at Lions Castle. 

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