Newspaper Lists Unusual Things Being Created In 3Design Center’s Field

19 Mar

Leading British newspaper The Guardian has recently published a feature on their website where they list thirty of the most unusual things 3Design Center’s field of expertise, 3D printing, is being used to create.

As 3D printing becomes more widespread and the tools necessary for it significantly reduced in price, the technology’s hitherto untapped potential progressively begins to get used for all manner of previously unexplored ends. The Guardian’s list numbers thirty of them, ranging from the more superficial and anecdotal to the more serious and progressive. The fields encompassed by the items on the round up similarly range from medicine to automotive engineering, entertainment, souvenirs and even construction.

Examples of items contained on this list include, for instance, prototypes of arms to be given to African children, realistic images of human foetuses, concept car models and even prototypes of houses. Similarly, the technology is currently being used to try and restore the Buddhas of Banyan, two historic Afghan statues destroyed by the Taliban in 2001; 3D printed 1/25 scale blueprints of the statues are being used to help architects puzzle together their original design.

However, side by side with these truly innovative and progressive uses for 3Design Center’s field of activity, The Guardian’s list also includes some more frivolous, sillier usages of the technology. Many of these centre around potential gift ideas such as 3D statues created from ‘selfies’ (self-portrait photographs), novelty replicas of famous British football stadiums and inflatable flowers.

Other fields in which, according to The Guardian, 3D printing is being used or will begin to be used very shortly include food (several attempts at 3D printed edibles have already been successfully undertaken), holiday resorts (two grad students from Pratt Institute are designing an iceberg-based resort with the help of 3D prints), clothes, jewellery, toys and musical instruments. The technology may also begin to be used in crime scenes very shortly, the newspaper concludes.

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