Beauty magazine reveals latest nail care trends this fall

14 Sep

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The summer is almost coming to a close, and a new season will arrive. Women have started to reorganize their wardrobes for the latest looks this fall. They also began talking to the hair stylists for the latest trends.

Beauty magazine Elle shared the latest nail care trends that are suited for women this fall. This article introduces some of these trends.

Women can begin exploring on glaze colored nails for that modern look. Dripping nails are in this fall, Elle’s Justine Carreon noted. These nails look like coffee is painted on them.

If women want to stylish nails, the season also calls for pearly peach nails. Elle noted that they can place over two layers of lacquer. To finish, they can top them off with an iridescent blend.

Simple but stylish, Elle presented another nail trend inspired by a Korean nail artist's creation. The nails are made to look like "tiny metallic cuticle tabs."

There are also nail trends this season that feature nails with marble prints. The prints provide mysterious effects with visual and subtle features for the person wearing them, Elle stated in the report.

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