‘The Dr. Oz Show’ Reveals Signs Of Good Nail Salons

14 Sep

Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s nail care system

If nail salons are becoming stressful, then HealthyWiser’s personal nail care kit can be used to do the nail treatments at home. The official website of “The Dr. Oz Show” revealed why nail salons can be unsafe for some.

However, there are also qualities that make nail salons still a good option. Read on to find out.

First, “The Dr. Oz Show” revealed that safer salons tend to show customers their sanitation measures, with a walkthrough included. Both the customers and the nail care professional should perform these measures.

“According to the CDC, ‘Clean hands save lives.’ Safe salons include standard precautions such as single-use disposable latex-free gloves worn by the technician for every service,” the website noted.

If customers find disposables around the area, then the nail salon is working towards the best practices. Some of these disposables include single-use buffers, files, and gloves.

Furthermore, the safer nail salons have professionals who had their continuing education when it comes to the safety of their services. According to “The Dr. Oz Show,” the safer salons should be able to disinfect and sterilize the areas to show high levels of safety. A bag is present within the work area where the disposables are thrown away.

“Are you communicating with your nail technician? Is he or she listening to you? There is more to having a good service than just picking out your nail color. If you can’t communicate, chances are you won’t be happy with your service,” the website pointed out further.

Is HealthyWiser professional nail care system a better option?

Nevertheless, it is always better to have a personal nail care kit to promote safety while maintaining the nails.

The HealthyWiser personal nail care kit offers a great way to keep fingernails and toenails healthy. The professional nail care system includes a free toe spacer and nail cutter for nail filing, buffing and shining.

“[The personal nail care kit] helps me shape my nails better than a set of nail clippers... It also has one head that lets you 'polish' your nails so that they shine. I am one of the people who can't do anything with my left hand but this allows me to use my left hand to shape my nails on my right hand without them looking deformed! If you are like me and don't want to spend the money going to a nail salon constantly then this product is for you!" a customer wrote on Amazon.

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