Anyone who has an inkjet printer can print posters. The process can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you are just steps away from being quite an expert. But before you go print a poster on your inkjet printer, there are some preparations that you need to go through.

When editing your photo and correcting the color, here are a few considerations:

- The largest size for a poster is 50x75 cm format. This is the widely used dimension for poster size. For this size, the print resolution will be duly stretched because of the raster. The print will have a resolution of 1440 dpi or dots per inch. However, you can determine the number of ppi that an image of a certain dimension will contain. You can go to image and then image size. Untick resample image and put the resolution you prefer.

- Photographic posters can be printed even with lower resolutions. A minimum viewing distance of a meter, you may not see any loss in the sharpness of a photo with a resolution of 200 ppi. That also goes to show that a poster with larger format can have 100 up to 150 ppi. If the resolution is 300 ppi, on the other hand, the graphics as well as the edges of the fonts may appear smoother.

- The sharpness of your photo can also be altered. Use the unsharp mask filter by going to Filters and then the Sharpen option. Pictures with large sizes can be sharpened than smaller ones. Always make sure, though, that you zoom it to a hundred percent.

- While checking the photograph, you may see errors, especially if it has been retouched. Thus, in editing or retouching a photo, make sure that the small details are covered. Do not make color fringes noticeable. If so, it will affect the general appearance of the photo.

If your design has already been finalized, you now need to set your printer. Here are the instructions.

- Search for the special driver settings. These driver settings have option printing posters.
- Are you using a Microsoft Publisher program for the poster? Open the file using the program.
- Click the option "Print." Choose the printer you are going to use. Make sure it is the one connected.
- Go to the "Properties" option and look through the properties for the printer.
- Go over the Page Layout option or you can see it on Page Set Up.
- Choose the option for Poster Printing. This will allow you to print several pages to create one whole poster.
- You will be asked for the size of the poster. This will allow the computer to computer for the number of sheets of paper to be used in the process of printing.
- Print the file and always keep in mind to save it before closing the program.
- The printer will provide you with pages that you should tape together. There will be overlaps, so you need to adjust.

There go the guidelines on how to make and print a poster. Always take them into consideration in printing posters.

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