(Submit Articles) Nishkrant Media ( http://nishkrant.net ) recently announced the launch of a new wallpaper website community, ( http://wallpaperclub.org/ ), which provides Premium Wallpaper Website Services at one place like wallpaper website hosting, wallpaper website promotion, Beautiful SEO Optimized templates (SEOSA), Wallpaper Packs and other wallpaper related information.
The basic purpose of creating this club is to provide Wallpaper Website Services of quality and integrity.
Crafting themes with a goal of simplicity and professionalism and strive to inject each design with a dose of modest elegance, at the same time to have an ad friendly layout, for maximum monetization. Also the designs are SEOSA in nature that means search engine optimized site architecture. Believe is that their website is not just a tool, it's a revenue center.
WallpaperCLUB design team can create completely individual and personalized designs. Their portfolio already boasts excellent services for industry giants.
“¢ Templates starting as low as $100
“¢ Promotion Campaigns starting as low as $100/m.
“¢ Premium Hosting starting as low as $7.95/m.

Pro Club Membership - you get unlimited access to all our pro templates at $350
Marcel Voopostel who happens to be loyal & pro webmaster behind client of WallpaperCLUB, Wallpapers.Eu.Com ( http://wallpapers.eu.com/ ) says;
“ËœBeautiful templates, great support All the templates are of the best quality and up to date with search engine and advertising support and run smoothly across all browsers. The support is great, I have had all my questions on modifications solved with in 24hrs and have learned a great deal in the process. I can highly recommend the products and services“
For more info, visit :http://wallpaperclub.org/en

Visit the Author's website: http://wallpaperclub.org/en