Best 3D Pens of 2017 Reviewed By Bestpedia

25 Apr

Ever since man first set foot on moon, man truly started believing that “nothing is impossible”. And following this notion, a US based site named Kickstarter started funding individuals or companies who were investing their time in creative projects. “3Doodler”, the brainchild of two guys called Pete and Max, this 3D printing pen that would go into sale later this year. And quite unsurprisingly Kickstarter funded their project.

The primary concern regarding the pen amongst buyers was the sky-high price of its ancestors. But having decided to manufacture the pen in China as a means to suppress the cost, Max and Pete have announced the tentative price to be 75$. Weighing less than 200 gms this pen measures around 180mm x 24mm and runs on electricity. The pen should be kept away from children below the age of 12, as prolonged use can lead its metal body to get heated up to 270C.

But 3Doodler isn’t alone in the race to be termed as the best 3D printing pen as CreoPop, a comparative newcomer in this business, hailing from Singapore has some capabilities. Funded by Indiegogo, CreoPop uses ink made of light-sensitive resin which is solidifies at room temperature when exposed to UV rays.

CreoPop uses a different working principal compared to 3Doodler. Armed with an UV light at its tip CreoPop uses the light to apply a definite shape to the ink. To add to their extravagant achievement, the creators of CreoPop boast of 8 different kinds of photopolymer which can be used by the pen. Some of them are ‘glow in the dark’, ‘aromatic’, ‘magnetic’ etc.

CreoPop is battery- powered which makes it easy to carry and costing $89, its as cheap as it gets. Ink refills for the pen are available in exchange of 2-3 dollars. does a pretty accurate job in describing and detailing the features, pros and cons of the vaunted 3D pens now available in market. Bestpedia has been the go to site for consumers wanting to dab themselves in latest technology.

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