Stephen Frost Talks about the Benefits of Meditation

25 Apr

In a recent presentation, followed by a conference, Stephen Frost, a well-known proponent of meditation said “Meditation is very important for healing the body and the mind. If the processes are followed properly, then the effects are seen almost immediately. This is the beauty of meditation,”

According to SurgingLife, regular meditation and proper sleep are extremely important as it increases our mental health and problem solving capabilities, adaptability and even mood swings. Thus, the outfit released guided meditation tracks recently, in order to aid people in their journey for inner peace. “Meditation releases hormones in our body which improve our psychological, spiritual and physical well-being. It also improves cognitive functioning in the brain. It saves us from depression, anxiety, trauma and helps us concentrate our powers of deduction. An overweight person could even lose weight with meditation. The benefits are manifold. It is scientifically proven as well. What more evidence does one need to take a step into the world of meditation?” Frost was quoted as saying.

“As of now, our greatest challenge and goal is to spread awareness about the stresses of daily life and how it may lead us to our ruin. We want to help people. The only problem is, for people to accept help, they must accept the fact that they need help in the first place. Everyone deserves to reap the benefits of meditation. With just 15 to 30 minutes of it per day, one could change the course of their entire lives. That is no exaggeration”, a representative stated.

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SurgeLife is an outfit with a goal to spread awareness about the benefits of meditation.

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