Every man fears the very notion of ejaculation before even making out. Often men face premature ejaculation (PE) not very long after the intercourse starts. This is a point of concern for many, the reason being it is articulated directly with the term "impotency". Going by what experts have to say about this, the anvil of the problem lies more over the psychology rather than the hormonal effect.

There is only a handful of problem that nature cannot redeem. Fortunately, PE is not one of them. In Ayurveda, vata is a term that implies the energy content and exuberance within a human. In fact, vata is said to puppet even the subtle feelings and emotions of Homo sapiens. A man with more vata will reach the climax way too much earlier and in many cases, just a sense of touch can make then reach that point.

Vata gets perturbed if there is a high amount of cholesterol deposited within the inner blood vessels of the male organ. Due to this, the flow of blood varies a big deal. The more the crests and troughs it reaches, the more sensitive the man is towards touch. Thus in order to placate vata, it is important to follow a diet that serves low cholesterol and this includes reduction in the intake of sugar in any form.

Almond is one of the best natural aphrodisiacs. In fact, almond milk is recommended by doctors for the patients who lack the libido. Also, some exercises help in augmenting the flow of blood in the male reproductive region. Make sure you use a heating agent, like mustard oil, while doing these exercises. Hold it by the axis in the semi erect position and give it some strokes. Make sure that the strokes are not hard else it might cause a sprain. Gentle massage about an hour before the intercourse is also advised.

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In short, nature provides you ways to treat almost all the ailments. With the artificial ways, lifelong troubles come free. So try DuraMale and once again start enjoying the intimate moments of your life!

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