Bitcoin News Platform Coinspeaker Reaches Over 700 000 Monthly Unique Visits

22 Jan

Bitcoin and blockchain news platform Coinspeaker is pleased to announce it is now reaching over 700 000 unique monthly readers. 

Founded in March, 2014 CoinSpeaker is a vital news source for those who are involved with Bitcoin on a regular basis as well as for newbies. The platform covers such topics as Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin News, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Fintech industries.

Among CoinSpeaker’s 700,000 monthly unique readers there are venture capitalists, startup CEOs, merchants accepting bitcoin as payment, and private bank analysts focused on the virtual currency arena.

CoinSpeaker’s readership of market professionals and high-net-worth visitors is expanding while the source’s content is becoming increasingly influential in the bitcoin community.

The platform offers a range of Bitcoin advertising options and potential advertisers can learn more on the Coinspeaker website.

Their reputation for providing high-quality content on a daily basis is driven by the site’s team of dedicated professional financial journalists who maintain impartiality and profoundly analyze price movements and trading events writing the stories which make a meaningful impact on the material state of the virtual currency landscape.

CoinSpeaker’s financial market coverage permits professionals in the community to identify key trends and gain a wider perspective of the commercial environment staying abreast of even minor changes.

“Money is a collective agreement. If enough people come to the same agreement, what they agree upon becomes secondary, whether it be farm animals, gold, diamonds, paper, or simply a code. History proves all these cases to be true. Who knows what the future is going suggest to us as money, once we see digital currencies as ordinary?”

— S.E. Sever, Writer

CoinSpeaker believes that the digital future with the Bitcoin and underlying technology — Blockchain in a deep connection with hi-tech IoT and the powerful Fintech — is even more real than anyone can imagine.

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