BSAVE Launches Next Generation Bitcoin Savings Account at North American Bitcoin Conference

22 Jan

BSAVE launches its unique Bitcoin savings account connected to users Coinbase wallets that allows clients to receive daily interest payments. BSAVE is pleased to announce the launch of BSAVE’s flagship product at the North American Bitcoin Conference Miami.

BSave will attend and sponsor the Bitcoin Miami Conference. During the conference, Bsave is launching its flagship revolutionary Bitcoin saving account, open to all Coinbase customers. After intense months of beta testing, Bsave is openings its service to the public and will pay interest within moments of account creation. Bsave offers a value solution to Bitcoin savers and allows withdrawals as seamlessly as the deposit process. BSAVE strives to become the customers first choice Bitcoin saving platform combining attractive rates, user-friendly interface and cutting-edge security.

If you are at the Bitcoin Miami Conference, please stop by and say hello and ask the Bsave team any questions you may have. Additionally, feel free to email us anytime [email protected]. Make Bitcoin work for you.

About BSAVE:

BSave, is delivering products and infrastructure to facilitate the adaption of BitCoin and other digital currencies. The Company is focused on delivering accessible, transparent, safe and easy to use products for the consumers and is uniquely positioned to do so based on the experience and background of the founding team which combine skills in:

Capital markets, algorithms and financial structures
Easy to use applications and interfaces
Transactional platforms
Digital currency security and block chain know-how

BSave, will continue to expand its market reach and product offering through a pipeline of innovative products and partnerships and plans to become a significant player in the emerging digital currency market.

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Media contact: [email protected]

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City and Country Location: London, UK