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28 Sep

Bangkok, Thailand; 28, September 2016: The Internet is full of mainstream news sources. Each day, those sites report on a variety of breaking stories and events. It has always been easy to learn of current affairs that occur in Turkey.

But, there aren't any sources of news for non-mainstream topics. Especially ones that covered the more unusual and bizarre topics. Today, all that has changed thanks to

What is

The aim of the site is to provide fresh and free news stories that come from the Eurasian country. As the name might suggest, it offers topics that one seldom reads from typical news sources. The nature of news published in the website gives a better sense of what everyday life in Turkey is really about. Therefore, it is quite unique in what it is trying to do.

The website covers a range of topics, including but not limited to:

* Politics
* Life
* Culture
* Women
* Interviews
* Opinion is an international website. That means one can view its content from outside of Turkey. It's ideal for Turkish expats living abroad and for those interested in non-mainstream news about the country and the way of life there.

All news stories on the site get published in the English language thanks for the journalists and editors of

A non-biased source of bizarre and unusual Turkish news

Unlike many Turkish tabloid news sources, offers unbiased news stories. The site does not follow any political party in particular. Nor does it support any ideologies, including religious ones. Taking such an approach ensures that the quality of journalism on the site remains high.

Reader submissions welcome is very much a community oriented website. The news site offers readers the chance to submit news stories they come across. It's also possible for them to submit photos that relate to those stories too.

Of course, the stories must relate to unusual Turkish news items. Upon successful editorial review of those submissions, the stories will then get published.

Free email updates

A handy feature that offers are the free email updates. Regular visitors to the site can receive the latest stories in their inbox at no charge. It offers subscribers a convenient way to keep on top of the latest offbeat Turkish news.

About is a free online source of unusual, weird and offbeat Turkish news stories. The site is an unbiased source of various topics. It also offers visitors the chance to contribute stories for publication too.

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