06, January 2016: With the approaching of New Year, people are all trying to find ways to make them more dynamic and keep fit. Men want to keep young and handsome while women would like to be slim and beautiful. Of course there must be various kinds of exercises for picking, but people always need the new ones. Airwheel M3 personal transportation electric air board comes to solve this situation.


Before the appearance of M3, the traditional skateboards belong to the extreme sports so most of the people have no way to experience the joyfulness. Now all the lovers or persons who want to have a try of this electric skateboards have an opportunity to play it. Although powered by electricity, M3 electric self-balancing scooter still requires riders’ body to shift center of gravity when meeting a turning. During this process, it needs much strength to control. That’s why M3 can be regarded as a fitness device.

Generally people are always busy to work or other things all the day. Sometimes weekends are occupied by odds and ends. There is no much time to relax and exercise. But having M3 complete skateboard allows riders to use the fragmented time to keep fit. Since M3 is small and portable, it only takes little space whether you are heading to the bus station or wandering in the office. Based on this, riders can ride M3 to exercise during breaks after a long time work. Or riding M3 to the subway station instead of waiting to get in those crowded buses. It is economic and also saves time.


Speaking of health, the premise is to live in an environment with less pollution and fresh air. M3 obey the environment protection principle and consumes clean energy electricity which won’t produce waste gas. At last, the motorized skateboard M3 is also safe to ride because it has dual cores and protection system. Green, environmental and healthy, Airwheel M3, you deserve it.

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