“Bookkeeping an essential form
of art is the one with no pre-requisite“- Lewis Caroll.

as a night mare had become the potential problem of big concerns in general and
small concerns in general and small concerns at certain occasions. The plutonic
topics, even as initiated from a precarious data collection to the most
Herculean one like accounting formats require a methodic bookkeeping. A properly
analyzed and arranged bookkeeping serves to reduce the trickle-time endeavors of
a business man. Though bookkeeping is a skilful tantra that provides the
abundant topics in a capsule it has its own drawbacks. It might become a
nightmare and would tend to mislead the entrepreneur if he turns a careless eye
even to a little flaw.

To illustrate he might have
placed a book on sundry expenses and miscellaneous expenditure in one format.
But on the preface he might wake a mistake by accounting it as a revenue one.
This might jeopardize his whole act of previous excels and the much toiled
preparations. He could easily resort to card-keeping that would help juvenile
businessman in his initial endeavors. But

business bookkeeping as a night mare creeps in this aspect also wherein a
careless misplaced card could lead to varied complications. To avoid these
setbacks and to transform the sensation of nightmare to that of a pleasant dream
one should resort to be sharp and watchful.

It is a way businessman who
always makes trivial mistakes that might pane way for more sober ones.
Bookkeeping is a nightmare only to such a man. A brisk and energetic business
man always gets his share of cheese if he properly stick to his side of
discipline, that is to ensure he keeps a strict watch over the proper
arrangement of the topics one need not be an excellent nook keeper in the strict
sense but he should have a basic and the required knowledge that would enable
him to verify the arranged topics would enable him to verify the arranged topics
and most significantly to make a weekly or quarterly survey of the topics in the

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