This world is full of beautiful places and it is very difficult to see all of them mainly due to constraints of finance and time. As such, it is important to choose some of the best places that you can conveniently see and among these places, Prague deserves a prominent place.

Prague lies in the heart of Europe and its attributes include a wonderful history, a dazzling scenario, breathtaking architecture, and an atmosphere full of mystery and stunning aura. You are surrounded by culture everywhere as you visit the rich museums and galleries, and see the awe-inspiring architecture. You will get immersed in the music that pervades the air and has been there for many centuries.

Prague Christmas Festival Season And Christmas Markets

Prague is particularly more attractive during the Christmas season as the Christmas markets allure everyone from young to old. Tourists from different parts of the world, especially from the European countries such as England, Italy, Germany and Russia can be seen everywhere visiting the markets and buying what they like. These markets normally start four Saturdays before Christmas Eve (24th December) and are open on all days of the week till the beginning of January. Although the temperatures fall considerably during this period and it is very cold, the markets do brisk business and visitors also strike good bargains. The items that are available include holiday items, traditional Christmas decorations, crafts, and gift items.

Apart from Prague Christmas ornaments, you can find a wide array of glass jewelry, Czech wooden toys, ceramic beer mugs, scarves, and scented candles.

There is plenty to eat and drink in the form of traditional food items, grog, hot wine, and warm honey liquor. The food items are made fresh right in front of you and you might not get such delicious food elsewhere. Everywhere you go, you will hear Christmas carols and you will really feel immersed in the Prague Christmas spirit. Beautiful illuminations add a sparkle to the markets at night.
There are about seventy to eighty stands on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square selling Czech souvenirs and Christmas items and this market is very popular. There are many other Prague Christmas markets throughout the city. The most spectacular sight is of the Christmas tree appearing majestic against a dark gothic skyline. It is erected in the Old Town Square and is illuminated at night by a blaze of lights.

New Year Eve Celebrations

Spending Prague New Year Eve is a wonderful experience that you have to experience to believe. It seems that the entire city is having a party time as people throng the restaurants, river boats, clubs, and bars to their full capacities. When midnight approaches, spectacular fireworks can be seen by the revelers who occupy every inch of space in the famous squares and the river banks. People enjoy Prague New Year’s Eve in various ways as some take pleasure in wining and dining throughout the night at any of the restaurants and others crave for quiet romantic candle light dinners. There are others who opt for partying in a club or music bar.

Prague Sightseeing

There are so many wonderful Prague sightseeing places that you would need at least three days to enjoy all the sights and the absolutely enchanting atmosphere. If you wish to see the other interesting places outside Prague you would need additional time.

So, the next time you are planning a holiday with your family, Prague should be your first choice as it offers the best at the minimum cost.

Prague is an ultimate destination if you are planning for holidays with your near ones. Visit for more information on sightseeing options.

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