Breakthrough Stop Heal Prevent Cancer Workshops offer participants an upbeat, empowering and educational experience on healing and preventing cancer using proven, science-supported methods including, but not limited to, the powerful use of maximized nutrition. Patricia M. Kelley of combines countless hours of research with her personal experience to educate and inspire those who choose to embrace natural healing as their road to healing and wholeness. Her program addresses the holistic Mind/Body/Spirit factor, found missing in nearly every traditional cancer protocol. Kelley is also Author of forthcoming book series, How to Stop Heal and Prevent Cancer Naturally: A Mind Body Spirit Approach to Wholeness.

Kelley, self-healed from breast cancer, uses what she calls, “a complete mind, body and spirit approach to healing and prevention.” This includes, according to her, the use of very powerful “super foods” and “super supplements,” and how the science of Nutrigenomics, as well as Epigenetics (from the studies of Dr. Bruce Lipton) play into healing and overall wholeness. “Cancer is a wakeup call. It’s up to each of us to put things back in optimum order. This demands a holistic mind, body and spirit approach.” 

Kelley’s reputation as an empowering speaker and teacher is well supported. According to Barbara Beck, Relationship Coach, “Patricia is engaging, powerful and empowering—all wrapped in humbleness and an unshakable integrity that is quite extraordinary. Her amazing knowledge about natural healing issues and her ‘fire’ to make a difference will inspire, light up and change your life!”

When asked what motivates her to teach this, Kelley’s response is clear, concise and passionate. “I am an advocate and activist in this arena now. It’s an impassioned mission for me. Too many people are led to believe that there are no other options other than surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or a less than optimum life or life span. This is simply not true. In fact, it’s a perpetuated lie.”

Health professionals have also noticed Kelley’s passion, knowledge and wisdom in alternative healing. She has gained the respect of both progressive physicians and significant global health organizations. Two are noted here:

Jen Aliano, Communications & Marketing Director for GrassrootsHealth, a global health research organization,had these very positive things to say about Kelley. “Patricia is an inspiration! She has overcome and transformed frustrations from her own battle with cancer into motivation to educate others and change the way cancer is ‘treated’ in today’s society. She is a great source of information on how to naturally prevent and heal cancer and beyond.  I highly recommend utilizing her resources for anyone, at any stage of health.”

Dr. Susanne Wilhelm DO also offered her view of Kelley’s ability to empower others. “I’ve watched Patty through the process of cancer diagnosis and healing. She was not content to sit by and let the mainstream wisdom dictate her course of therapy. She spent countless hours researching her diagnosis and sought long and hard both within and without to determine what needed to be healed. Through her process she developed a passion to empower those around her to do the same. She shares her wisdom joyously. It flows from every pore of her being and inspires those around her to believe in themselves as well.”

“Proven natural, nutritional and other supportive therapies are coming out of the closet as more and more people are experiencing complete healing,” reports Kelley. She goes on to say, “No longer is this information being dismissed as ‘kooky’ or ‘dangerous’. An alternative approach to healing and prevention is fast becoming a viable option for those seeking a return to health and wholeness without the collateral damage that traditional chemotherapy and radiation often cause.”

Stop Heal Prevent Cancer workshops and speaking engagements are available now to groups and organizations whose members would benefit from alternative healing and prevention information. These events go far beyond nutrition—they are empowering, inspiring, experiential and healing on every key level. Kelley is also available for short consultations or longer term coaching. She cautions that her workshops, coaching and teaching are not to be construed as a replacement for medical professionals, or their advice. Each person is advised to do what they believe will help them achieve their desired best results and health.

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ABOUT: Patricia M. Kelley is a BIG CHANGES Life and Biz Wholeness Coach, Speaker & Change Catalyst. She speaks, teaches and coaches on How to Stop Heal Prevent Cancer. She also offers change-making coaching, Keynotes and workshops on The Purpose Plan; SOAR Beyond Recovery; How To Turn Life’s Lessons into Big Money Messages. She is also an experienced emcee, and hosts events and fundraisers.

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