November 18, 2013: Many people suffer from severe pain in their back and shoulder blades and which is mostly because of sitting long hours on the desk in front of a computer system. For example, this software engineer once suffered from shoulder blade pain and finally discovered the solution to get rid of the problem. He then decided to help others as well, and created the website to share his personal experience and revealing an effective strategy to cure the shoulder or back pain. 

According to him, in most cases, the pain-related problems occur due to bad body postures. He says, “Today, we use to work several hours on our computers. We must have an appropriate sitting posture while working. Even while walking or sitting at home, one needs to follow correct body postures. There is an excellent guide called “The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture”. This guide helped me a lot to cure my problem and will help others too who are not finding any solution to their back or shoulder pain.” 

According to him, this is an excellent guide and is the most relevant for the modern population, as people lead a busy and stressful life nowadays. “However busy we are, we should not leave our correct body posture,” he says. For almost four years, he suffered from acute shoulder pain and tried several medications before one of his doctor friends suggested him to consult this guidebook. By following the tips and techniques mentioned in the guide, he eventually cured his problem and today, he has been leading a pain-free life. 

The software engineer reveals that in most cases when someone faces a shoulder pain, he or she thinks that the problem is because of some kind of joint degeneration. But how a poor body posture can aggravate the problem, very few people have an idea about it. He consulted a number of physicians and explored medical books and online resources, learning about the possible reasons behind the shoulder pain. He asks all the sufferers, “If you want to fix your shoulder pain then make sure it’s not due to your bad body posture. And if it’s because of your poor body posture, you need “The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture”.” To learn more about this excellent guide, one may visit the website . 


The website has been created by a software engineer who once used to suffer from shoulder blade pain. He cured his problem with the help of an effective “The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture” that outlines practical tips to maintain a good body posture while working, sitting or walking or doing any activity. The website details out the key benefits of the guide and helps shoulder pain sufferers to find an effective way to get rid of the problem. 

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