Breakthroughs of Airwheel in Electric Scooter Equipment over the Past Year

26 Aug

26, August 2016: Airwheel has been a large-scale science and technology company in just few years by its keen sense of smell for this market. In the past years, Airwheel succeeded in finishing the integration of industrial chain and brand globalization in portable and intelligent transporting vehicles. The broadened production line of electric equipment and the process of launching a new product mean a lot for Airwheel.

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Currently, seven series of products of Airwheel show their precious market value. Even though some vehicles are only for a certain crowded of people, most of Airwheel’s loyal users still appreciate the products of Airwheel. Let’s have a look at the breakthroughs made by Airwheel in intelligent electric equipment over the past year.


Airwheel Z5 electric standing hoverboard uses the combination between anterior standing control and electrical drive to lower the learning difficulty. It is designed with two pedals which are distributed at left and right side so that riders can have enough area for standing. In this way, riders won’t feel too tired if they drive it for a long time. Meanwhile, the pedals can be folded so that it won’t occupy too much space after folding.


In the first half year of 2016, S8 electric walkcar was launched and got a good reputation. Different from previous self-balancing scooter, it adds the sitting posture manipulating way. S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter alters the two-shaft drive into three-shaft drive with four directions and makes complete revolutions on the first self-balancing technology. Standing to ride will made some users feel fear and after a long time riding, riders will be exhausted. S8 has three point pressure sensitive system. Its cushion is comfortable and breathable so some older users can ride it smoothly.

Later, E series production breaks our impression for bicycles again. Airwheel released E6 e-bike and E3 backpack electric bike in succession. Driven by electricity, both E6 and E3 are easy to be folded. E6 shows an X shape while E3 looks like a double “O” for its main frame. Also, the separated saddle with left and right parts is a humanized design.

Intelligent electric vehicles are not limited to a certain type. With a strong sense of innovation, you can develop a new field in which intelligent products can truly serve for our daily life.

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