If you eat vegetables, then this press release by the spokesperson of http://www.bonduelle.ro may be of some interest to you. In a much-publicized PR, the spokesperson says,

“We are online vegetable vendors selling 100% fresh canned vegetables or conserve de legume. We also offer 100% fresh frozen vegetables or legume congelate. Our products are extremely healthy and nutritious. From peas to red beans to corn to broccoli, we store every vegetable product in canned tins or frozen tins to preserve them for a long time.“

Canned & frozen vegetables are, indeed, extremely hygienic and ensure freshness of the food products. It’s no wonder that the demand for such well-preserved food items is encouragingly high.

The spokesperson continues, “Vegetables are extremely healthy for our body since they are filled with all the important nutrients that our body needs. If you are not quite fond of vegetables, you may become vulnerable to a host of diseases in the long run. It is, therefore, significant that you start eating healthy and incorporate vegetables in your diete.

And while buying vegetables, make sure that you buy them in canned tins or in frozen forms. Canned vegetables or conserve de legume are preferred because they can be safely preserved and kept fresh for a long time and even during off-season. Another advantage of buying canned food is that they are easy to carry, transport and store especially during travelling.“

He also highlights the importance of frozen vegetables by citing, “Frozen vegetables or legume congelate are handy when there is a dearth of fresh food. Frozen vegetables can be stored for a long time, they have a higher shelf life and they can be conveniently stored in the refrigerators without fearing loss of nutrient.

All our products are economical, fresh and genuine. We invite you to buy vegetables & food products from us. Thank You“, he concludes.

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