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11 Aug

US News & World Report, the leading American news magazine has published its findings on the best health insurance plans in Ohio. The analysis, which is the first of its kind by US News, is based on government data and rates both individual plans and family plans. Many of these five star rated plans are available at One Source Benefits, an experienced and licensed Ohio-based health insurance broker.

Of the 157 health insurance plans available to individuals residing in Ohio, 29 earned the top rating of five stars in the US News analysis. The star rating is based on the extent of coverage that a plan provides for an array of healthcare services, and not on its monthly premium. The Ohio individual health insurance plans that won a star rating include those from top health insurance companies such as Coventry Health and Life, HumanaOne, AultCare insurance, and Kaiser Foundation. All the rated individual plans in Ohio have average monthly premiums in the range of $159 for healthy 30-year-old nonsmokers to $560 for healthy 60-year-old nonsmokers.

Looking at 153 Ohio health insurance plans available to families living in Ohio, US News awarded top five-star rating to 33 plans. Besides plans from Coventry Health and Life, AultOne, Humana, and Kaiser Foundation, these also include policies from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Premiums for these plans average $536 for a family of two 30-year-olds with two kids and $642 for a 50-year-old couple.

Both HSA and non-HSA options feature in this star listing. All of these plans come with comprehensive benefits including preventive care, routine wellness exams, immunizations, hospital care and urgent and emergency care.

Besides offering many of these five-star rated plans, One Source Benefits makes it easy for Ohio residents to purchase these plans by providing them with free quotes as well as all the information they need to make the best choice. Friendly and courteous customer service support is available through their toll-free number 1-877-549-1212.

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