California Plastic Surgeon Publishes a Preview of Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Report

21 Jan

Dr. Ali Sajjadian of the Sajjadian Plastic Surgery practice published a PDF report about different Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty procedures offered at his plastic surgery practice.

Newport Beach, CA — January 21, 2016
Triple board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Sajjadian Plastic Surgery Ali Sajjadian, M.D., recently published a preview of a PDF guide that discusses ethnic rhinoplasty. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a complex cosmetic surgery procedure that reshapes the nose to rebalance the facial features of a non-Caucasian patient.

Titled “Rhinoplasty: A Multispecialty Approach,” the educational material explains how specialized techniques are required to re-shape Middle Eastern noses. The respected lecturer and world-renowned surgeon highlighted the importance of working with a qualified surgeon to reduce the risk of errors and ensure a successful operation. The article also highlights the different Middle Eastern rhinoplasty techniques offered at his practice.

Caucasian and Non-Caucasian noses vary in features and structures. A skilled plastic surgeon should understand the uniqueness of a non-Caucasian nose and develop a structurally balanced, flattering nose shape. The article also outlined the distinction between full rhinoplasty and tip rhinoplasty.

In the article, Dr. Sajjadian discussed the delicate work involved in reshaping Middle Eastern noses. The article aims to help patients understand the procedure and determine what technique is best for them. Dr. Sajjadian created the guide to encourage patients to learn all about different surgical techniques available according to their needs. The article is presented in an easy to digest, shareable form. The PDF guide is also search engine friendly so users can read and share the information to others.  A full version of the report will feature Dr. Sajjadian’s detailed analysis and expert advice to achieve the desired results.

Dr. Sajjadian holds the distinction as a triple board certified plastic surgeon by the from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Sajjadian utilizes only the most cutting-edge techniques to ensure faster recovery time and natural-looking results.

With his experience and board certification credentials, Dr. Sajjadian hopes that the downloadable guide will be useful to interested parties who require ethnic rhinoplasty. The article is now available online. More information about ethnic rhinoplasty is also available via Dr. Sajjadian’s blog site.
About Dr. Ali Sajjadian
The practice of Dr. Sajjadian is well known for having helped countless number of patients achieve natural looking cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), as well as revision and ethnic rhinoplasty results. Dr Sajjadian’s compassionate care, individualized planning as well as meticulous techniques have created beautiful and natural looking surgical results for countless patients. In addition, he specializes in and has particular interest and passion for cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. Using the most advanced techniques and artistic approaches, he has been able to create beautiful breast augmentation and body contouring results.

Dr Sajjadian has special interest and expertise in creating the most natural looking results and gets referrals from other surgeons for difficult and revision cases. He has contributed to the field of rhinoplasty by describing advanced techniques and giving many lectures nationally and internationally on the topic of rhinoplasty. He is currently the symposium chairman for advances in Rhinoplasty.

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