The village of Bellwood is one of the seven communities of the Cooks County, Illinois. It is located in the west of Chicago and is close to Lake Michigan on its south western flank. It is home to many storage units of different sizes catering to all types of storage needs of the residents and non-residents alike. The Bellwood Storage companies are well-equipped with modern security apparatus and electronic surveillance systems to guarantee safety of the stored items. To prevent against damage due to climatic variations of Bellwood and also to meet the specific temperature requirements of certain commodities, the special storage units having controlled environment are easily available.

Who Might Need To Store? Students may need to keep their vehicles and personal belongings in a safe place before going to colleges. The visitors to the entertainment, shopping, and recreational centers always want to store the items they are carrying at a nearby safe place so that they can enjoy themselves to the full. The travelers would like to keep their vehicles in well-sheltered and clean locations close to the highways or railway junctions. They would also need small safety vaults for storing small items. Transporters might want to store their trucks, containers in a safe house rather than in the open.

Categorization: The Bellwood Storage companies can be categorized on the following basis:

1. Special Commodities storage facilities:
a) Vehicles: Require spacious, concrete-based structures.
b) Wines: Mostly stored in places with inclined access points as these are stored in cylindrical caskets and are rolled while loading-uploading.
c) Chemicals and liquids: Individual, segregated units for each type of chemicals is needed.
d) Boats: Usually stored in places close to the water bodies.
e) Wooden articles: Require humidity-free climate control keeping facility.
f) Art pieces: Shall be stored in specified lighting conditions, away from pollution, in controlled climate conditions

2. Type:
a) Indoor
b) Outdoor

3. Duration:
a) Long-term : for months/years
b) Short-term: for a couple of hours or a few days

4. Sizes:
a) Small
b) Medium
c) Large
d) Extra Large

5. Usage: the warehousing for-
a) Household items
b) Trading commodities
c) Office items
d) Data

Why Storage Architect? : The warehouses have to be designed and constructed according to the planned profile of the warehouse. Bellwood is located in the flood plains region. The typical geographical and geological factors of a region may influence the design of storages. Experienced storage architects can help you immensely on the type of material to be used, the height of the floors, the adequate electrical and sanitation requirements and with the requirements of the law of the land.

Additional Services: Most of the Bellwood storage companies also offer trucks for rentals and other moving supplies as an add-on service to the customers. Some companies who also provide mobile storage solutions in which the containers are used. This concept obviates the need to load and unload frequently. These also accept deliveries on your behalf and have convenient visiting hours. The company owners are quick to adopt new innovations in the warehouse business.

The Bellwood Storage companies are well-equipped with modern security apparatus and electronic surveillance systems to guarantee safety of the stored items

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