Which of the four seasons is the most romantic? Is it summer with its warm nights, rich colors and luxury yacht cocktail parties in the Mediterranean? Is it winter with claret-soaked evenings by a fireplace in Switzerland, frost-painted windows, hot chocolate and St Valentine’s Day? On the other hand, spring has always been celebrated as the time of new life, new romance, amorous daydreams and restless nights. And yet most romantic poets and those antiquated cavaliers of the rueful countenance have been dedicating countless madrigals to the magnificent autumn ““ the season of broken hearts and tragic love. Clearly, every season and even each single moment holds tremendous potential for romantic adventure. And it is our firm conviction that a truly resourceful bon vivant will not waste time waiting for the romantic season to come, but will rather exploit every circumstance and make any situation as romantic as it gets and even a tiny bit more.

While many people have a natural air of romance and mysterious magnetism about them, it is hardly ever enough to make the dream come true. The true essence of romance is lost without elegant setting and graceful conduct. And all that remains is the not necessarily unpleasant but nonetheless second-rate reduced substance. And, let’s face it, a badly dressed lover is merely a rapist, whereas, a well dressed one is a Casa Nova.

Why all this talk of seasons and the essence of romance? Well, the mating season is rapidly approaching. And while it should not necessarily be stereotyped in such a brutal way, spring is, indeed, that time when romance is very much in the air. Everybody seems to be in love or searching for love. But you, of course, want to stand out. And new arrivals at DolceFugo.com are absolutely certain to convince you that there hasn’tbeen a better time to look immaculate. The newest spring/summer collections from D&G, Armani, Versace, Cavalli, Prada, Gucci, Christian Audigier etc are now available through our spring promotion. Stylish shirts from Prada and jeans from D&G will help you create many elegant looks for those memorable spring nights out. Light knit sweaters from Armani and Cavalli match with top quality D&G shoes for perfect casual spring weather looks. The new Christian Audigier t-shirts will make even the most daring dressers tremble with excitement. Modern design wind breakers by Gucci and Roberto Cavalli are chic and supremely comfortable. And there is more on the way! Just keep checking DolceFugo.com for amazing deals on the latest and greatest in the world of fashion! Make this spring into a perfect romance with impeccable style!

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