Depression is related with one of the most common emotional disorders. It may affect the people in varying degrees. It starts from the feeling of little bit sadness to utter misery and dejection. It is a very unpleasant as well as problematic condition which is far and more difficult to cope in comparison to other physical ailment. This condition is virtually the result of growing complexities of modern life, strain of day to day life and mental stress.

Some of the important causes of depression -

1. Mental depression may be caused due to prolonged periods of anxiety and tension.

2. Depression may be the result of excessive or indiscriminate use of drugs.

Some of the important signs and symptoms of depression -

1. Due to depression the body temperature, blood pressure may be low. There may be shivering and hot flushes.

2. Due to depression there may be loss of appetite, itching, nausea, irritability, agitation, giddiness, impotence or frigidity, lack of concentration, aches and pains all over the body and indecisiveness.

3. Some of the striking symptoms of depression are inexplicable sadness, loss of energy, lack of interest in the world around and also fatigue. A patient of depression may suffer from frequent occurrence of disturbed sleep.

Depression can be treated with home remedies and natural treatments. Some of the popular and important remedies -

1. Apple is very effective and most valuable in treating the problem of mental depression. Apple controls the wear and tear of nerve cell as it contains various chemical substances like phosphorus, vitamin B, and potassium. You can take this fruit in addition to milk and honey. It provides the nerves with new energy and life and also acts as an effective nerve tonic.

2. Cashew nut is also very effective in treating the problem of depression. It is very useful in stimulating the nervous system and appetite as it is rich in B group vitamins especially thiamine. It keeps our body cheerful, active and energetic as it is rich in riboflavin.

3. You can prepare an infusion of rose petals by mixing 15 gram of rose petals in 250 ml of boiling water. If you drink this solution instead of tea and coffee then it will be beneficial in treating the condition of depression.

4. Mental depression can be treated successfully with the help of an herb lemon balm. It raises the spirits and also lifts the heart from depression.

5. You must take a diet rich in vitamin B like green vegetables, eggs, fish and whole grains.

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