CBD Incorporated offers “lifetime supply” of CBD

22 Sep

- California-based startup, CBD Inc. is building a cutting edge hemp extract production facility.
- The company is leveraging crowdfunding as a way to raise capital.
- The company’s offer of a lifetime supply of CBD is unprecedented in crowdfunding.
- The crowdfunding effort is in addition to a private stock offering.
- The company will be producing CBD by December of this year.

CALABASSAS, CA — California-based startup, CBD Inc. is raising capital to build an organic CBD production facility, dubbed “The Liquid Gold Factoryâ„¢.” The company is betting that the wisdom of the crowd will give them a head start on sales.

CBD is a cannabinoid molecule which is extracted from hemp which is being shown to share many of the health benefits of medical marijuana but without the high. Hemp extract can be legally purchased in all 50 states.

CBD Incorporated is offering backers a lifetime supply of CBD — an offer unprecedented in the history of crowdfunding.
The premise of CBD Inc.’s offer is this: Join the CBD Inc. team in building a hemp farm and extraction facility; reap the rewards - forever.

Backers are being asked to kick in for a one-year supply of CBD but will get an equal amount, every year, forever, resulting in a 100% “yearly dividend” of sorts on their investment (give or take, depending on price fluctuations).

“Of course we are in this for the investment,” states CBD Inc. CEO, Tapio Maki, “but our mission is greater than just making money. There’s no need for greed. We want to spread health and wellbeing worldwide while also spreading wealth. There’s no reason that our Indiegogo backers shouldn’t see a good return on their investment over time just like a venture capitalist would.”

Wholesale CBD Perks
The campaign is also offering a lifetime supply to resellers. It’s a great deal for health foods, cosmetics, and supplement manufactures who plan to purchase CBD wholesale.

Maki explained how the company came up with the lifetime offer. “Our business plan is specifically designed to give early investors as much as 40% return on their investment in four to five years, and we’re also offering an early buyback round of two to four times their investment in a couple years. We figured, why shouldn’t we offer a similar deal to Indiegogo backers who are helping to get this ball rolling as well. We’re all in this together.”

CBD Inc. is also in the middle of a $1.2 million private stock offering. Proceeds from the stock offering and crowdfunding campaign will be used to build a state-of-the-art CBD production facility in Portugal. The company plans to begin processing hemp into CBD and delivering perks to backers in the US by December of this year. “We will be planting our first hectare of hemp very soon,” Maki says, “but we are also in talks with other organic hemp farms to produce the raw materials we need to deliver our backer rewards before the end of the year.”

To be invited to the opening of CBD Inc.’s crowdfunding campaign and be one of the early birds to get a lifetime supply of CBD visit LifeTimeSupplyOfCBD.com.

For information on CBD Inc’s stock offering, visit TheLiquidGoldFactory.com.

Tapio Maki
[email protected]