CoinVert.IO is disrupting the cryptocurrencies exchange market

22 Sep

With over 16 cryptocurrencies in a highly competitive and volatile market, customers are looking for a way to exchange their cryptocurrencies in the fastest and most affordable manner. This is exactly what CoinVert.IO aims to be - a reliable and instant cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest rates.

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a preferred currency online - and this is due to multiple reasons. With cryptocurrencies, true anonymity and security can be guaranteed. However, the problem comes in when you actually realize that there are tens of cryptocurrencies available with more launching every month. In addition to that, their prices fluctuate more than the usual fiat currencies, which makes them highly volatile.

These multiple currencies with high volatility are a big cause of confusion for the consumers, which brings in the need for a cryptocurrency exchange - one that can let a user exchange one cryptocurrency to another- for instance, Bitcoin to Monero or Peercoin and many others. CoinVert.IO is a UK-Based cryptocurrency exchange that recently launched its worldwide services- claiming to be the fastest and most affordable of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

“Our aim is to provide fast, reliable and affordable exchanges over all the major cryptocurrency platforms that are there".

CoinVert supports 16 of the majorly used cryptocurrencies, which are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, NXT, Namecoin, DigixDao, Bitshares, The DAO, Monero, Lisk, Peercoin, Dash, Monero, Steem, Ether Classic and Factoids. Users can convert to and from any of these cryptocurrencies. The highlight of their platform, as claimed by CoinVert, is the fact that they process majority of the transactions in a period of just 1 to 15 minutes. In a market where the rates fluctuate every minute, a service as fast as this is definitely a necessity. The CoinVert exchange is open 24/7 worldwide without any restrictions.

While cryptocurrencies are believed to be a secure method of transacting, some users have begin to doubt the same due to recent attacks on popular cryptocurrency platforms. To access similar concerns and ensure the best possible security for their users, CoinVert has incorporated a state of the art security system, as explained on their website.

“CoinVert makes use of an isolated and highly secure system for ensuring the best possible security for all transactions. Security as well as consistency are the most important factors for us. Our team comprises of the best financial engineers and technologists. “

They make use of the Multi-Signature technology for Hot Wallets to avoid any attacks and loss of keys/facility.

Some of the prime reasons for using cryptocurrencies is achieving anonymity and security- and exchanges that store client data or ask for personal information are actually defeating this very purpose. This is what sets CoinVert apart from the crowd. They do not store any personal or account information, and neither does the user need to enter it for processing an exchange. All orders are logged for a maximum time of 7 days, and that too is done to provide Support Services if needed.

Affordability is a major factor that consumers take into account while making use of cryptocurrency exchanges. While the technology may still be new, this should not make it any less affordable. CoinVert charges an exchange fee of a mere 0.1-0.3%, depending on the current conditions of the market. This is by far the lowest that any exchange has offered.

In order to ensure that customer support is available as and when required, CoinVert has a Customer Hotline number that users can call in case of any issues. Online support is also available via their website, which can be a better option for international users. With all transactions logged into the system for 7 days, adequate customer support and help can be ensured for all users.

As the market becomes more volatile and competitive, the need for a platform like CoinVert will surely increase. It is now up to them to ensure that users get exactly what is promise to them- for a cryptocurrency revolution is but the next big thing, and a reliable exchange is what will make it possible. As more cryptocurrencies keep coming up, it will be interesting to see how it affects the rates and services of the exchanges that process them in particular.

Contact Name: Toby Hamilton
Company: CoinVert LTD
Email: [email protected]
Address: Euston Tower, 286 Euston Rd, London NW1 3DP, United Kingdom