CF+D Offers Highly Creative Customizations for Suspended Fireplaces

15 Nov

Wood burning fireplaces have forever been the most acknowledged heating system for most homes in the America. CF+D bring new innovations and creative concepts to the institutions of wood burning fireplaces to bring the entire setup in to the modern times. In this regard, the website has a whole range of suspended or hanging fireplaces that have been crafted along the innovative Focus concept. You can check them at

The designers at CF+D have innovated the Focus concept based on the first Focus fireplace designed by Dominique Imvert in 1967. The gyrofocus design that had a suspended fireplace rotating 360 degrees has been the inspiration for the trademark collection of suspended fireplaces on the CF+D portal.

To browse through the entire collection of fireplaces on the website, go to

The website has developed a line of brilliantly designed hanging fireplaces tat bow down to the three aspects unique to the CF+D brand — quality, creativity, and innovation. Some of the most popular models under the suspended fireplace line on the website are the Mezzofocus, slimfocus, Agorafocus and Gyrofocus lines. The website also offers a wealth of other focus innovations under this range.

The suspended fireplaces also offer a wealth of options for shapes and formats including floating hearth design, floating hood design, hanging pod design, curved and tubular dimensions designs. The suspended model fireplaces are further available for modifications according to the installation area and the client requirements to create the perfect fit for private residences, universities, and even chalets.

CF+D management confirm that until date the suspended design fireplace from the website has been the most popular design for institutions, hotels, and premium shopping centers all over North America. The website also expounds that the collection of suspended fireplace models have been consistently modified since their launch under the banner with the perspective of individual clients. In fact, fireplace consultant with CF+D Vince Volpe has often been requested to tweak the designs of particular suspended fireplace models to put in retro fitted gas burners for the clients.

About Company

CF+D are a unique brand of highly creative fireplace under the ranges of suspended, built-in, and custom designs. The company has been operational since 23 years with a wealth of experience under its belt. The company also collaborates with world-class fireplace consultants, designers, and wood burning system designers to ensure high quality of design perfection matched with perfect safety for each of their products installed under heir banner.

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