3 Easy Steps for Buying Glasses Online
The internet has revolutionised the way we shop today and ExclusiveEyes.co.uk has certainly played an important role in the online eyewear glasses industry. The Exclusive Eyes website has empowered consumers and given them access to 1000+ frames and glasses available online. One of the main benefits of shopping for spectacles online is the fact that you gain access to a vast variety of glasses at the lowest costs, sitting in the comforts of your own home! Buying prescription glasses online, however, can be a bit of a task if you’re not sure how to go about it. This simple 3 step guide shows you the way.

Step 1: Get your prescription
To obtain a prescription, visit any optician. Under the UK Opticians Act of 1989, it is his obligation by Law to provide you with a prescription for your records after a thorough eye examination. Just remember ““ Don’tbe pressured to purchase your glasses from him, as you are not under any obligation to do so.

Step 2: Find the right website
A downside to the internet boom is the problem of choices it has created. How can you be sure that the website you select is the right one?

Some of the things you must ensure include:
* Availability of a wide range of styles and brands
* Quality guarantee and Price promise
* Secure Payment Transactions - The strongest level of encryption commercially available is 128bit SSL
* Replacement Guarantee - The website must offer to replace your glasses if you are delivered the wrong prescription

Step 3: Get access to a large variety of frames
It is important to choose a website that offers a large variety of frames such as semi-rimless, rimless frames, prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. At Exclusiveeyes.co.uk you can choose from over 1000 frames, enter your prescription and pay online.

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