Reading the news come from the official website which was difined as the revolution for R4 DS,Judging from the current actual situation,existing NDSi burning cards is essential ,and the classic will be go on.

NDSi In November 2008 the official on sale a monththe later, by the AK2i a head start, DSTTi, EZ5i then arrived and, more recently iTouchDS and SCONEi formal entry into the war, and now has undergone a full six months time. In comparison, the name of "R4i" signs are also burning cards on the market a landscape, there has always been concerned about the burning truck market friends should know that the original old version of the R4 card is burning inside a burning card area dark horse, which by virtue of easy operation and low price, in a very short period of time win over a lot of users, this is SC, EZ, and the old brand of AK burn card vendors have expected.

Big tree attracts the wind, with the increasing height of fame, R4 Nintendo has finally attracted the attention of Nintendo was to block one after another: First, burn the Japanese mainland to the R4 card Ceca destruction, and then burning all over the world R4 card assembly plant was closed down . Under pressure in many ways, the original writers of the R4 card team last year, formally announced the dissolution, so that this issue several "R4i" the production team have not had a team, or a life separate from the original R4 team part of the crew of the production, the industry even said that they are "cottage R4". Having said that, these "cottage R4", or using an old version of R4 can be the wind, has been worked hard in the market, in front of big old brand, without weakness.

Recently, we have players Network Testing Center has received a brand new gold version of R4i burn card, it uses quite a gorgeous packaging, and appear before the R4 do not feel the same as several cottage, and it's official website domain name is " r4ids ", with the old version of R4 official website of the" r4ds "consistent and that it represents the" Gold R4i "with the old version of the link between R4 does?

Here is not to have more pointless speculation, and the following players Network Testing Center will conduct a series of Gold R4i test to see if it can go beyond the old version of R4 bar.

Burn cards on both sides of the small groove is to facilitate the pull out from the DS burn cards added to the human design. Cassette of the workmanship is relatively good, the overall lines are upright, the back shell while being only a combination of cards falcon, but a high degree of integration, not easy to disassemble, cassette edge smooth, no glitches; in NDSi on the plug is also very smooth. In addition, the Gold Edition R4i introductory note also mentioned that can support SDHC format, TF card, that can be the greatest support 32G capacity TF card, so users need not worry about the capacity of TF card

TF card slot using a manual plug means with the old version of the spring semi-automatic contrast, the advantage of flying cards and not worry about a broken spring problem, downside is unplugged when TF card, or other things that need to be plucked out of nails . In addition, the circuit board exposed part of the all-exposed finger design, which allows users to easily clean the site.

Open the shell, the front casing retained skylight design, the back shell design with the old version not the same, can also be seen from the diagram, the corresponding TF card slot of the region is concave it down, and make TF card slot to get the most out of space, so the thickness of respect and genuine cards remain the same, does not occur plug difficult problem.

Gold Edition R4i circuit board positive, positive Taiwanese productions kh29lv320cbtc-70g memory IC chips, the back of hansan ACTEL PRO ASIC3 chip,Multimedia playback system in MOONSHELL , you can directly run the TXT format e-books, MP3 and OGG music formats, etc., as well as DPG video formats. MP3 and other music format player, the next screen will show is playing music files more information, click on the bottom of screen time to the next section to jump to the selected point in time. Play music, click on the next screen under the "MUSIC NEXT [Change]" at the position, change playback settings; press X button and Y keys to increase or decrease the volume, the largest volume adjustable to 400, DPG format video player , the operation of basic with the MP3 player has been, DPG format video can go to CG forums resources in areas NDS download, you can also use a specific tool to convert themselves.

Compared to earlier versions of R4, gold R4i a more powerful version, load faster, games run stable, user-friendly features added to the accident in addition susceptible to delete the file function, use, or type of simple and easy to fool use, the fine tradition of their predecessors in the inheritance, while adding its own characteristics.

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