(Submit Articles) Cellulite is a problem of the skin, most of the time at women, but men and children can be affected, too. Most of the time cellulite is characterized by wrinkled, dimpled, pitted, and bulging in body areas like hips, abdomen and buttocks. This skin problem appears due to the fat deposits that concentrate on these parts of the body. Those who suffer from cellulite feel tenderness, tightness or sagging in these affected parts especially when they are standing.

Estrogen and Progesterone, the feminine hormones are guilty for cellulite. The Estrogen facilities the formation and the expansion of the fat cells around thighs, buttocks or breasts. Progesterone facilities the development of the weight gains, fluid retention and weak veins.

But there are many other factors that lead to this skin problem as pregnancy, stress, smoking, harsh and rough massages, lack of physical exercises, obesity and, not in the end, genetics.

Fortunately there are many treatments you can make home. One of these treatments consists in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water that must be drunk every morning. It is easy to obtain this mixture. You have only to mix two tablespoons of this vinegar with a glass of eight ounce of water.

Another remedy is made from 3 parts of apple cider vinegar mixed with one part from the massage oil you usually use. Then you have to knead the solution on the affected parts. Repeat this massage two times every day. Be careful: the massage must very gentle. This treatment will reduce the apparition of cellulite.

For another natural treatment you need a Ginger root, 1 gallon of water, 6 mint leaves, 8 leaves of lemon, a cup of apple cider vinegar, and 6 leaves of peppermint a half a cup of ground coffee.

Cut the ginger root in four pieces. Boil the water and the rest of the materials and then drain the liquid in a clean pot. Now put 6 wraps of bandage inside the liquid from the pot. For the rest of operation it is recommended to go in your bathroom because you are going to make a lot of mess. Now take a bandage and squeeze it a little and then wrap it around the affected area. The bandage must be warm. Put the bandage on some plastic wraps to keep the heat as much as possible. Put the bandages on the affected places and let them there for about 25 minutes. And don’tforget: it is a must to drink much water as long as you make this treatment.

One of the most efficient natural treatments against cellulite is coffee. You need at least one or two handful of fresh, warm coffee ground so make sure that you prepare enough coffee to obtain the needed quantity of ground. Add some vegetable oil to avoid friction. Don't add too much oil because the ground will become runny. Now cut some plastic. Start the message of the affected areas for 10 minutes and then wrap them in plastic. Put on a robe to keep the place warm. This will help skin to soak the ingredients.

Repeat the treatment 3-4 times a week.

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