(Submit Articles) There are some great products that can help you achieve Ultra dark sunless tanning in the comfort of your home. The true socialite knows that tanning is more than just about a glorious bronze look. It is about making a lifestyle statement - a proud statement as regards what you spend the last three weeks doing (or not doing as the case may be). Thankfully, there is really no good reason for anybody to expose themselves to the Sun's harsh rays and risk cancer anymore. The market today boasts of great self tanning products that you can use in the privacy of your home. This article talks about the top three reasons why tanning products are actually the smarter way to tan this season.

Safe: The first and biggest thing in favor of tanning products is that they are much safer than trying to get an Ultra dark tan the natural way. There is no exposure to the harsh rays of the Sun. Therefore, there is no risk of cancer, skin rash, and many other allergies that you can catch by exposing your sensitive skin to the elements. The truth is that natural tanning is not necessarily good for you. It is the body's way of protecting you by stepping up its production of melanin to counteract the effects of the exposure. Now why on earth would you want to subject yourself to that?

Customized: The second point in favor of home products is that they allow you to choose light or Ultra dark depending on the look that you want to achieve. Sitting out in the Sun is never that accurate. You only get to see the results once you get home and then it is too late to do anything. Even in salons, where the degree of control is better, it is never as accurate as doing it yourself. In self tanning you can start and stop as you like focusing on the right parts of your body at leisure.

Discrete: The third big point in favor of do-it-yourself tanning is the total privacy that you enjoy. Celebrities don't have to risk getting clicked topless and nobody has to face the ignominy of being spotted clicked into a tanning booth ever again. You can sit in your room and tan yourself the shade you want without anybody ever having to find out how you did it.

Ultra dark tanning products have more or less made the need for a suntan redundant. They are actually the only proven way to get a perfect tan without the side effects like ugly red splotches, freckles, and other signs of sun damage. Your skin stays more beautiful and ages much slower if you use tan in a bottle instead of sweating in out elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and switch over to the shelf products instead of punishing your body. It is important to find a product from a reputed brand that nourished your body while it tans. The wrong choice in products could end up hurting your skin, so be careful.

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