(Submit Articles) Most often than not, you find yourself having a difficult time to say what you mean and mean what you say especially when you’re talking about your business. It’s really very hard sometimes to convey what you know about it in a way that your target clients would easily understand your point.

Now here’s the dilemma. Your content is very important to your marketing efforts because more than your design in your custom printing project, the message that you have would be the very thing that would make your target clients stay and want to know more about your business. But you will lose a very big percentage of your target clients if you can’tmake your words speak clearly and understandably. So often that many business owners and marketers commit the mistakes that result to many opportunities missed and disregarded.

To help you watch out for those common mistakes often overlooked by many marketers, here are some of them, as well as suggested cures that can help you write your message in a manner that can speak volumes about you and your business.

Mistake 1: Telling your customers about yourself.
Too many marketing campaigns have been started on headlines using a language that is too focused on the company. “We’re the largest print online service provider in the Internet.“ You might find this sentence so boring and common as you usually see it online from so many print online companies. And you might have even answered “So what?“ so many times that you lost count.

Now, although this is fine ““ you telling your target clients that you really are the largest because you might really have the largest facility ever; but too bad that your target clients are not usually interested knowing about it. What they’re more interested in is what you can do for them? What’s in it for them?

Cure: Instead of telling them who you are and your accomplishments, why not tell your target clients about the benefits to be had when they engage in business with you. And use a language that is customer-oriented, meaning; get on with content that your target clients can understand.

Mistake 2: Features over benefits.
Again, your target clients would not be interested in the technicalities of your product. They won’tunderstand it even if you write a litany of the product features or how much horsepower your vacuum cleaner has. Your target clients would want to buy your products because they understood that your vacuum cleans your floors in half the time it takes with the conventional cleaner.

Cure: When writing your marketing content, be sure to focus on the benefits rather than the features. Instead of the machine-make of your product, tell them how it’s going to make life better for your target readers.

Mistake 3: Use of business jargon.
You’re either using jargon, which is the language understandable only to those who are in your industry; and buzzwords, which are the words and phrases used so many times that they lose their impact to your target readers.

Cure: Of course, your target readers will not understand any of your jargon or buzzwords. So write in the words that are common to everybody, and always use words that your target clients can easily understand your thoughts.

Mistake 4: Wrong audience.
How you write your marketing content has a big impact on your target audience. But your content’s effect would also depend on to whom you are writing it anyway. An average reader would definitely not be interested in reading academic papers. A college professor on the other hand, can appreciate a dissertation or a concept paper.

Cure: Write according to the target readers you have and avoid using complicated words that would overwhelm or worse, disconnect your audience from your marketing campaign.

These are just some of the most common mistakes that you should try to avoid when writing your marketing content. By making your content more accessible and understandable to your target audience, you would have an easier time convincing them of your worth, which of course, can turn into a hefty profit later on.

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